Upcoming Seminars

Our upcoming Aikido Seminars:

Date: August 12-19, 2023
Location: 83233 Bernau am Chiemsee
Seminar: Memorial Seminar for Yamada Shihan with Sansuikai Instructors
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Date: October 7-8, 2023
Location: AikiMünster Dojo, 48147 Münster
Seminar: 10th Year Dojo Anniversary with Roberto Bollero, 7. Dan Shihan, Jisch Scheuren, 6. Dan Shihan und Christophe Peytier, 5. Dan Shidoin
Link to the Flyer

Our Weekend Aikido Seminar for volunteer trainers on the occasion of our Anniversary of 10 years AikiMünster Dojo is sponsored by Sparkasse Münsterland Ost.