Beginners classes

Would you like to have more concentration and self-confidence into your life? Are you curious about new forms of movement and are you looking for more stability in everyday life or in conflict situations? Then come and discover aikido, a modern Japanese martial art!

You do not need to possess any special knowledge, just come and have fun! Please bring comfortable long sportswear to your first class. Please send us a short email in advance so that we are aware that you are planning to attend.

Trial class
You are welcome to drop in for a trial session to try aikido and experience it for yourself. Our chief instructors David, 5th Dan Shidoin and Gabi, 4th Dan Shidoin, as well as our advanced students will be happy to help you with your first aikido lesson. Fun with aikido movements, but with safety on the mat will enable you to experience this art in a relaxing and comfortable way. You can join us for three trial lessons without obligation.
If you had fun after the trial lessons, but still need some time to decide on a registration, then you can first register for a course with 10 more lessons. The course fee is 40 € and you can choose the training hours that best fits with your schedule.

Beginners course
We offer a trial course twice a year. The course offers the opportunity to practice aikido once a week over a period of four weeks. In the course we explain the movement principles of aikido, how to take falls (ukemi), demonstrate first aikido techniques and explain the philosophy of aikido. Together in a group of beginners, under the guidance of chief instructors David, 5th Dan Shidoin and Gabi, 4th Dan Shiodoin, as well as our advanced students, you can gain insight into the movement forms and techniques of aikido. We have a new courses soon. The course fee is 20 € for adults and 10 € for students (10 years and older). 

Article on the trial course in 2016