Anniversary seminar – 10 Years AikiMuenster

AikiMünster Dojo celebrates with Roberto Bollero, 7. Dan Shihan, Jisch Scheuren, 6. Dan Shihan and Christophe Peytier, 5. Dan Shidoin its 10 years dojo anniversary

Ten years ago, Gabi Bixel (4th Dan Shidoin) and David Ross (5th Dan Shidoin) founded the AikiMünster Dojo with two aikido students and an old pile of mats at the Turngemeinde Münster. They started with two training sessions per week, which they soon expanded to three sessions per week. They advertised the dojo with flyers and a new website and quickly gained new students. Over the years, the AikiMünster dojo has grown to twenty students and has attracted younger and older students alike. Thanks to David’s English classes, international students who do not speak German but would like to learn Aikido have also been attracted.

On October 7th and 8th, 2023, the AikiMünster Dojo celebrated its 10th Aikido anniversary. Three international aikido personalities and teachers accepted the invitation: Roberto Bollero, 7th Dan Shihan from Florence, Jisch Scheuren 6th Dan Shihan from Luxembourg and Christophe Peytier 5th Dan Shidoin from Narbonne. Each of the three instructors taught two lessons, each with their own focus and shared their deep understanding of Aikido with the participants. Our aikido seminar was very well attended with participants from neighboring dojos, some from Münster, others from Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Luxembourg and even Budapest. Students from the AikiMünster dojo benefited greatly from the international seminar. On Saturday, all participants spent a socializing evening after class with delicious food and good drinks!

All in all, it was a very successful event and all participants learned a lot and had fun on the mat. Special thanks go to Sparkasse-Münsterland-Ost for their generous financial support of our dojo anniversary and for recognizing the 10 years of voluntary teaching of Gabi and David as­­ aikido instructors.